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"Your doctor is unavailable": How the lockdowns will cause "catastrophic" healthcare consequences

Last week we reported on a study from the UK that warned cancer deaths could exceed COVID-19 deaths if the lockdown continues too long.

Now doctors are worried that an array of healthcare concerns will worsen as patients are no longer able to see their primary care providers. ABC News reports:

The nation’s doctors have been called to the front lines in the battle against the novel coronavirus no matter what their specialty is, and that may mean they aren’t available to you.
"It’s no longer business as usual," said Dr. Esther E. Forrester, a pediatric and adolescent medicine physician from Howard University Hospital, "I’m really worried about the patients we aren’t seeing."
As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the nation's public health leaders have advised Americans to skip regular check-ups, elective procedures and routine cancer screenings.
However, the need for primary care and preventive services hasn’t changed. Now, doctors are starting to worry that the nation may see a spike in preventable illnesses after the pandemic recedes.

Patients needing preventative care, organs transplants, dental work, pediatric care, mental health care, and pre-natal care are all being forced to stay at home due to the restrictive stay-at-home orders. All of these individuals -- literally millions of Americans -- risk long-term health consequences and even death by staying away from the doctor's office.

The result is that the "cure" for COVID-19 may truly be worse than the disease.

Re-opening our states isn't just about getting back to work. It's also about restoring our way of life -- including our access to one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

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