Who made Northam king? Virginia still struggling under tyrannical dictates

The following was written by the State Content Writer for Virginia's Convention of States Project, Shawn Fleetwood.

Think the coronavirus lockdowns couldn't get any more ridiculous? Think again.

Last week, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued a mandate that will require Virginia residents to wear a mask when inside public buildings and indoor businesses. The mandate went into affect on Friday, May 29.

When pressed by reporters for details, Northam basically admitted that he had no authority to enforce the mandate through law enforcement. He did however, say that the Virginia Department of Health can "use court orders against businesses that refuse to comply with a Class One misdemeanor."

Northam also stated that he expected the General Assembly to reconvene sometime in the next two months to "discuss the possibility of a civil fine for violations, instead of a class 1 misdemeanor" for businesses who refuse to comply with the order.

Not only does the mandate reek of government overreach and blatant tyranny, the move itself is totally hypocritical on its face. 

Just last weekend, the Virginia governor was spotted in Virginia Beach violating his own social distancing guidelines as he took photos with residents without wearing a mask.

In addition, the data simply doesn't support the increased governmental crackdown on Virginia residents. 

While the number of COVID-19 cases has increased in the state due to a ramp up in testing, the percentage of positive cases has been on the decline.

Even numbers nationwide are showing that the lockdown measures implemented by state governments are completely unnecessary.

When observing the data from 21 states that eased restrictions May 4 or earlier, ABC News found that  "there were no major increases in hospitalizations, deaths or percentage of people testing positive" in any of them.

The ever-growing power grab by government officials make it abundantly clear that politicians aren't following the science or data. They're following power.

If officials like Northam can dictate something as minuscule as wearing a mask, what can't they dictate? And what other powers will they try to obtain as time goes on?

We the People must take a stand against tyranny when we see it.  No longer can we sit on the sidelines and wait for politicians to "do the right thing" as they use the fear of the American people against them.

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