What happened to the coronavirus hysteria?

As the nation reels under the impact of nationwide protests and riots, Americans more than two weeks old are wondering: what happened to the coronavirus?

The existential threat that (we were told) justified shutting down our economy has, apparently, vanished. Take CNN's home page, for example.

Notice anything strange? Not a single large headline about coronavirus. You can see a few smaller headlines in the right-hand column, but otherwise, nothing.

Politicians like New York City mayor Bill De Blasio, who condemned large Jewish gatherings and threatened to arrest participants, has been silent about coronavirus fears as thousands gather in his city.

This isn't to discount the grievances of Americans gathering to protest the death of George Floyd. But as David Marcus explains over at The Federalist, the double standard between the response to current protesters and the lockdown protesters is whiplash-enducing:

The double standards in cities like New York have been glaring. Religious Jews continue to be hassled for breaking the rules while protestors get what amounts to a total pass. Small business owners are seeing their life’s work destroyed as looters reap billions in stolen merchandise. And yes, it’s unfair, but that isn’t really the point. The point is that we are either still engaged in a public health crisis or we aren’t. And if we aren’t, then open the cities, already.
What is now is obvious to all but our political leadership class is that the lockdown is over; the protests ended them. There is no justification for our cities to exempt huge swaths of people from what they claim are life saving shut down measures because they like the political statement being made. The virus doesn’t care about politics, remember?
If the harsh regulations on operating businesses and gathering in the cities are really still needed then obviously we quickly need a plan to address the possibility of a spike in cases from these large gatherings. If not, then let us all get back to our normal lives.
If no serious measures are taken to confront the danger of potential viral spread from the protests then Americans should simply stop obeying the lockdown and open their businesses. Here’s an idea. They can do so as a political protest. Because apparently political protests are perfectly fine.

Let's stop the charade. Americans in large cities have enough to worry about without having to shut down their business due to COVID-19 fears. Common-sense safety precautions should still be followed. But as our local and state "leaders" have so clearly communicated, the coronavirus epidemic is effectively over.

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