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Washington Post attacks re-open movement with lies, conspiracy theories

The corporate media is terrified of losing control of the COVID-19 narrative, and they're resorting to lies and conspiracy theories to discredit the movement to re-open the states.

The Washington Post recently published an articled headlined, "The anti-quarantine protests seem spontaneous. But behind the scenes, a powerful network is helping." (The original headline read, "Inside the conservative networks backing the anti-quarantine protests.")

Their intent, as the headline(s) suggests, is to cast doubt on the grassroots-led nature of the re-open movement. The article implies that behind this movement is a conspiratorial network of conservative organizations who care not about the loss of American jobs and the American way of life -- but about re-electing President Trump:

But the posts, funded by an initiative called “Convention of States,” were not the product of a grass-roots uprising alone. Instead, they represented one salvo in a wide-ranging and well-financed conservative campaign to undermine restrictions that medical experts say are necessary to contain the coronavirus— but that protesters call overkill and whose economic fallout could damage President Trump’s political prospects.

The reality, of course, could not be further form the truth. The protesters aren't worried about President Trump's political prospects. They're worried about losing their jobs, their homes, their businesses and their livelihoods.

What's more, Open the States isn't coordinating or funding these efforts. As Convention of States Action President Mark Meckler explained to the Post, OpentheStates.com provides a clearinghouse for the wide array of independent organizations pushing to re-open our state economies.

We're giving the grassroots a platform and a tool to organize themselves. Our interactive map links to groups outside the Convention of States or Open the States organizations, and the forum allows citizens from every state to post and organize.

In its quest to cast the re-open movement as a vast right-wing conspiracy, the Post fails to explain the real motivations behind the movement. Americans in every state are facing the loss of their livelihoods. In some cases, they're about to lose the businesses they've fought for decades to build.

They're also concerned about government overreach. While the law provides expanded power to governors during an emergency, many of our governors are using the crisis as an excuse to impose restrictions that have nothing to do with the outbreak. They're limiting their citizens ability to be outdoors, to purchase gardening tools, and to see their family while socially distancing.

In other words, the re-open movement isn't "anti-government," as the Post claims. It's pro-American and pro-accountability.

We at Open the States are motivated by the same concerns. We see our friends and neighbors struggling, and we're concerned about government overreach. We support the CDC's recommendations about social distancing, and we believe that the re-open movement can -- and should -- operate within those safety recommendations. But we do not support overreaching government dictates that limit the constitutional rights that have made this country great.

If you have concerns about American jobs and government overreach, you've come to the right place. Click the red button below to start by signing the petition to the "Re-Open America for Business" petition, and get plugged in by finding your local group on our interactive map.

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