Want to restart the economy? We can start by getting the feds out of it.

As Americans consider how to rebuild our struggling economy, many are rightly concerned with ending the lockdowns and allowing businesses to reopen. That's what we're all about at OpentheStates.com, and you can get involved by checking out the My State Forum.

But there's a bigger, more troubling problem you should know about -- and we have a solution to that, too.

For years, the federal government has expanded its power over the free market in the United States. Today, American business owners are overwhelmed with federal regulations that require countless hours of paperwork and man hours. These regulations stifle innovation, impede progress, and keep many individuals from achieving the American dream.

If we want to truly restart our economy, we must address the underlying problems, beginning with the federal government.

In its final report, The Heritage Foundation’s National Coronavirus Recovery Commission recommended that the United States prioritize economic freedom above all else:

The United States will be a linchpin for international recovery and must demonstrate vigorous, strategic, and compassionate leadership in this crisis that has affected the entire world. One of the most powerful tools America has to advance recovery at home and abroad is free enterprise. America must use the natural strengths of freedom and bottom-up ingenuity to sustain recovery.

We can pursue economic freedom through elections and legislation, but that will only get us so far. At the end of the day, Washington, D.C., will never release the reins of power. They've grown so used to controlling the daily lives of the American people, they'll never truly allow the kind of bottom-up ingenuity the Heritage Foundation recommends.

That's why We the People must call the first-ever Article V Convention of States.

A Convention of States is called and controlled by the states and has the power to propose constitutional amendments. These amendments can unleash the potential of the American people by limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, ending many unnecessary federal agencies, and restoring decision-making power where it belongs: with the people.

These amendments can, for example, clarify the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. The Supreme Court has erroneously interpreted the Commerce Clause to allow Congress to legislate on virtually any economic issue. But the Commerce Clause was intended to allow federal regulation of only a small amount of interstate commerce. A Convention of States can propose an amendment that puts Congress -- and the countless agencies that do its bidding -- back in its constitutional box.

Millions of Americans have joined the movement, and you can, too! Simply click the red button below to visit ConventionofStates.com to learn more.

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