Victory! Karl the Barber has his license reinstated

Karl Manke -- otherwise known as Karl the Barber -- refused to take a knee in the face of tyranny from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Despite citations, lawsuits, and threats, he continued cutting hair in his barber shop while implementing common-sense COVID-19 safety precautions.

We at Open the States championed his bravery, and he joined with us in our Stand Up, Open Up, and Show Up imitative on #FreedomFriday. Millions of patriots in the reopen movement voiced their support, and now we have some great news to report.

He just had his license reinstated!

Karl Manke, 77, had his license suspended on May 13. It was finally reinstated on Monday, when barbershops and salons in the state were allowed to reopen, according to
“I am pleased with the orders issued today to reinstate my licenses so I can continue to move forward,” Manke said in a statement sent to the website. “I still believe it is high time for all of Michigan to Stand Up, Open Up for business, and for all the people in our community to Show Up in support.”
Aside from having his license suspended, Manke was cited at least twice for continuing operations during the state lockdown and was charged with a misdemeanor.
Last week, the Michigan Supreme Court sided with Manke, saying the state appeals court didn’t follow proper procedure to make its decision.

The American people are capable of almost anything when they come together and take a stand for freedom. Karl and other reopen patriots in Michigan proved that American ideals of freedom, independence, and self-governance are still alive and well.

But many still suffer under the weight of draconian lockdown orders, and the media frenzy around a "second wave" is gaining steam. We must get ahead of this renewed effort to shut down our society before our economy tanks once again.

You can do something right now to help support the effort. Click the red button below to sign the Open the States Pledge. Commit to Standing Up against unreasonable lockdown orders, Opening Up small businesses, and Showing Up to support those businesses.

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