The COVID-19 lockdowns have hit racial minorities the hardest

The tyrannical COVID-19 lockdowns have caused untold hardship for all Americans, but a new study has found that black and Hispanic Americans are losing their jobs at an even higher rate than whites.

According to the New York Times:

The coronavirus recession has hit black Americans particularly hard, amplifying racial inequalities that may worsen as the economy begins what is expected to be a slow climb back to where it was before the crisis.
Black Americans have been slightly more likely to lose jobs or income in the recession that took root as states locked down their economies. They are more worried about the financial toll from the virus than white Americans and have far fewer resources available to ride it out, given that they earn less money and have had less ability to build wealth. And they are dying at higher rates from the virus than whites.

The articles goes on to note that the Hispanic unemployment rate is even higher than that in the black community.

Given these numbers, it's difficult to understand the outpouring of support for the black community by the same people who adamantly supported the nationwide lockdowns.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, for example, who implemented the nation's most restrictive lockdown orders, decried the "structural racism that haunts the lives of people of color."

Americans don't need any more "help" from our elected officials. They couldn't save us from COVID-19, they couldn't save our economy, and they haven't been able to save us from the riots.

Let's get back to freedom, prosperity, and self-governance. That starts with reopen our country and getting all Americans, of every race, back to work.

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