Survey: The media is trying to sweep this under the rug

The riots and chaos overwhelming our nation’s cities have also overwhelmed the mainstream media. After three months of nothing but COVID news, the nation’s journalists have moved on to nonstop coverage of the George Floyd protests.

But Americans are still suffering the effects of tyrannical lockdown orders.

Millions are out of work. Thousands have lost their businesses, and most outlets are ignoring those still speaking out.

The #stayhome journalists and politicians want to sweep the effects of their draconian policies under the rug -- but we won’t let them.

Click here to take our COVID-19 survey and let us know how you’ve been affected by the lockdown and what you plan to do moving forward.

It only takes five minutes, but it will allow us to cut through the media bias and keep the failed lockdown policies in the spotlight.

Click here to take the survey, and let your voice be heard!

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