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Sounds of freedom: Honk Rally at Richmond capitol

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The following was written by Convention of States Virginia volunteer Laurie Hackett.

Did you hear the sound of freedom at the Richmond state capitol on April 22?

Martha Boneta recorded it here when she said, "This is the sound of freedom."

In response to the loss of jobs while Governor Northam has Virginia locked down until June 10 (or later), thousands of Virginians participated in a Honk Rally around Capitol Square.

"I went to the rally because I feel that the governor is overreaching in his efforts, and the grassroots were rising to counter him. People are angry that he has extended our restrictions into June, and he seems to be ready to move the goalposts again. He treats the entire state as if it was a single locality, and he has no concept of balance. He has failed to consider families, their financial well-being, and principles of individual freedom," says Russ Beyer of New Kent County.

Beyer prepared for the Honk Rally by advertising OpenTheStates.com where resources are available for reopening the states.

"Every time I looked in the mirror, the car behind was either taking a picture of the sign (to save the website) or apparently typing it in right there," reports Beyer.

The Honk Rally was well organized, with Virginians driving in a clockwise circle around Capitol Square while honking their horns. Law enforcement ensured the flow.

Meanwhile the delegates were meeting inside a tent on Capitol Square to vote on Governor Northam's amendments to legislation passed by the General Assembly in the 2020 session.

"This was an unusual session, as we did not meet in the House Chamber but under a tent on the lawn of the capitol in order to maintain social distancing. For the first hour or so, we were serenaded by the sound of freedom, protesters honking their car horns calling on Governor Northam to reopen Virginia’s economy and let people go back to work," reported Delegate Mark Cole.

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