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San Diego police harass protest organizer, ban protests

Gov. Newsom’s tyrannical stay-in-place mandates are inspiring local authorities and police to impose more tyranny in California.

On Mother’s Day, San Diego County issued a new set of restrictive stay-at-home orders, and it didn’t take citizens long to realize that the orders have little to do with keeping people safe.

The order bans gatherings of more than one person in a single indoor or outdoor space. The order also targets the vehicle-only protests we’ve seen across the country by banning “people in multiple vehicles in one location.”

From the latest San Diego lockdown orders.

Individual citizens have also been targeted by local law enforcement.

Two plain-clothes detectives with the San Diego PD visited Convention of States Action COO Mike Ruthenberg’s home last week because he was listed as an organizer for the Reopen San Diego Facebook page. Mike wasn’t home at the time, so his wife was subjected to the detectives’ questioning.

The tyranny isn’t isolated in San Diego. Los Angeles County just announced that their lockdown orders would “with all certainty” be extended until August.

These heavy-handed policies are unacceptable. These orders infringe on Californians’ First Amendment rights, and the patriots in the Golden State won’t stand for it much longer—especially in rural communities with almost no COVID-related deaths.

We launched OpentheStates.com to empower Americans to fight back against the tyranny of the lockdown orders. Thousands of Golden State residents have utilized our free forum to find their local reopen group, advertise their events, and connect with like-minded patriots.

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