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Report: ‘Relapses Are Through The Roof, Overdoses Are Through The Roof’

Is the COVID "cure" worse than the disease?

A new report provides more heartbreaking evidence that the answer is, "Yes."

Over at The Federalist, writer Emily Jashinsky interviewed addiction expert Tim Ryan about the effects of stay-at-home orders on substance abuse. Ryan is a former heroin addict and the star of A&E’s 2017 “Dope Man” special. He is the founder of “A Man In Recovery Foundation,” which partners with Rehab.com.

The full interview is worth a read, and we've posted an excerpt below:

Emily Jashinsky: How are we seeing the impacts of quarantine on substance abuse? What have you noticed?
Tim Ryan: What people don’t understand—maybe they do because it was always in the news—we had a pandemic with the opiates and mental health prior to COVID. So what we really have now is a pandemic within a pandemic. And relapses are through the roof, overdoses are through the roof, calls to the mental health hotline are up 800 percent.
Whether someone was newly sober, three months, six months, nine months, a year, they need purpose and connection. They need their fellowship. And take the person that’s coming up on 90 days sober. They can’t go to a 12-step based meeting, they can’t get a 90-day coin. So a lot of people—on top of the instability of the market, the financial crisis—they might have lost a job, they’re waiting on PPP funds. People are full of anxiety and panic and this epidemic is getting much, much worse.
EJ: Have you experienced that the pandemic is pushing people towards addiction who haven’t struggled with it before?
TR: It’s pushing people towards it, because what’s happening is, take the husband or wife or the twenty-some-year-old that would get home from work, maybe have a few drinks. Well, now they’re isolating at home, working through Zoom, starting to drink at three o’clock, starting to drink at one, starting to drink at ten in the morning. People are self-medicating due to the quarantine. And they’re drinking more, and abusing more, and relapses are through the roof right now.

It's time to open up our country. Not just to get people back to work, but also to get people back in community. Humans weren't meant to live in isolation, and if we continue down this road, for many people, there won't be any going back.

That's why we're calling all Americans to Stand Up to tyrannical lockdown orders, Open Up their businesses and community centers, and Show Up to support those organizations.

This Friday, May 22, is #FreedomFriday. We're opening our country no matter what our "leaders" say. We'll do so safely, but we're not staying home in isolation any longer.

If you'll commit to opening up this #FreedomFriday, let us know! Click the button below to share a video explaining why you're Standing Up, Opening Up, or Showing Up on May 22.

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