Reopen protest organizer cited twice while NJ Gov. Murphy attends BLM rally

New Jersey Governor Tim Murphy has implemented some of the nation's strictest stay-at-home orders. While the vast majority of states have already opened up, New Jersey residents and business owners are still suffering.

Jenni Rogers, owner of the Randolph Tennis Center, organized a reopen rally to encourage her elected officials to relax the draconian, over-the-top coronavirus restrictions.

The rally went off without a hitch, but when she arrived home, she found two summons waiting for her. They cited her with violating the state's stay-at-home orders, and she's now facing a $2,000 fine and one year in jail.

But this story gets even worse. While Gov. Murphy and his goons harass small business owners for holding a relatively small pro-business rally, Murphy was violating his own orders by marching with Black Lives Matter protesters.

As Jenni says in the video above, this isn't about the merits of either cause. This is about the disgusting double standard imposed on American citizens by their elected officials.

Gov. Murphy, along with every other governor and mayor who has encouraged BLM protests, is telling his constituents that some people matter more than others, some causes are more worthy of First Amendment protections.

Let's end the double standard. Not by quashing BLM protests, but by allowing all Americans, no matter their cause, to exercise their constitutional rights.

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