Pete Hegseth: Open the States movement means they can't shut us all down

Our country was founded on the idea that if the people don't give their consent for a government action, then that action is illegitimate.

That bedrock principle is being tested amidst the COVID-19 crisis. As Pete Hegseth said on Fox News, most Americans understand that we need to reopen our economy, and there's a movement to make it happen.

"The reality is, people know that we have to reopen. They need the income. And they want to be responsible. We know that's not a false choice to do one or the other," Pete said. "There is a reopen movement at If everyone opens at the same time, the authorities can't shut everyone down if We the People say we're going to reopen."

Want to get involved? It's easy! Just click the red button below to learn how to get connected with the reopen groups in your state.

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