Operation "Ruin the 4th"? Kansas governor requires masks to be worn outside

As COVID-19 cases rise, so does tyranny.

States around the country are once again beginning to impose lockdown orders on law-abiding American citizens.

The governors and mayors imposing the orders stayed silent as thousands of their citizens marched in Black Lives Matter rallies. But 4th of July celebrations? Different story.

In Kansas, Governor Laura Kelly announced her intention to impose a mask-wearing requirement for all public spaces (including outside!). She'll sign the order one day before July 4th celebrations -- at 12:01am on Friday, July 3.

It would be one thing if Governor Kelly and others had imposed similar restrictions during the nationwide (and ongoing) Black Lives Matter protests. In that case, she might be able to argue that she's adhering to the science without being influenced by political consequences.

But these orders are obviously politically motivated. Black Lives Matter protests don't necessitate a statewide mask-wearing mandate, but, apparently, Fourth of July celebrations do.

One of the leaders of the reopen Kansas movement called Kelly's order for what it is:

Kelly's capriciousness is not only dangerous and confusing -- it's tyrannical. Wearing masks may well stop the spread of COVID-19, but our elected officials must use the proper legal channels to impose mask orders, and they must apply those orders consistently. Kelly has done neither, and the people of Kansas will suffer the consequences.

If you're tired of tyranny from your elected officials, there is a way to fight back. Click the red button below to get involved with other like-minded patriots in your state. These men and women are working to hold their "leaders" accountable, and they're always looking for more patriots to get involved.

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