Op-ed: State legislatures must hold overreaching governors accountable

State legislatures must hold accountable those governors who have used their emergency powers to impose unnecessary, tyrannical lockdown orders on their citizens.

According to a recent op-ed published on The Daily Signal, many governors have taken advantage of over-broad "emergency powers" -- with disastrous results.

In an effort to contain the coronavirus, many governors are relying on emergency powers to issue orders requiring self-quarantining, restricting business activity, banning gatherings, and limiting mobility across entire regions.
These shutdowns have eviscerated more than 30 million jobs, threatened countless businesses with insolvency, and disrupted core civic activities.
Many private citizens and some state legislators have had enough. They’re challenging the validity of these orders on the grounds that they violate both separation of powers principles and due process.
Regardless of how these shutdown orders fare in court, legislators should act now to more clearly define emergency powers and quarantine laws.

How? The authors explain that our state representatives must act swiftly to rein in out-of-control governors before the next crisis hits.

With this in mind, state legislatures should review (and possibly revise) their statutory grants of emergency powers that accompany their communicable disease laws in light of the changing conditions and the extraordinary executive actions taken throughout the coronavirus pandemic.
The emergency powers granted to a governor to combat a pandemic should be clearly defined and limited. They should also be subject to constant oversight and periodic review. Any such declaration and related restrictions should expire within a set amount of time unless the legislature affirmatively grants an extension.
The law should also make clear that a governor lacks the authority to unilaterally quarantine or isolate groups of people unless it is known that they are exposed to someone confirmed to have the communicable disease.

This should be one of the priorities of every state legislature when they return to session. In the mean time, Americans are still suffering.

Millions have lost jobs as the result of the lockdowns, and millions more are still unable to return to work. States like New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania haven't relaxed their stay-at-home orders for all of their citizens.

Even worse, the mainstream media has once again started sounding the "alarm" about rising COVID-19 cases. Some localities are considering re-imposing the lockdowns and sending our economy down the drain once again.

We must make clear that the lockdowns are unacceptable -- now and in the future. To join the fight, get connected with the reopen group in your state by clicking the red button below!

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