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NYC emergency room doctor: "Here are four reasons we need to re-open now"

Daniel G. Murphy is an emergency physician at St. Barnabas Hospital in The Bronx. He contracted COVID-19 early in the pandemic, as did both of his daughters.

He's been in the ER every day these past few weeks, either supervising or providing direct care. He's been on the front lines of this pandemic -- and even he thinks it's time to re-open.

He published an article in the New York Post this week laying out four reasons we need to get back to work now:

First, the wave has crested. At 1 p.m. April 7, the COVID-19 arrivals slowed down. It was a discrete, noticeable event. Stretchers became available by 5 p.m., and the number of arriving COVID-19 patients dropped below the number discharged, transferred or deceased.
Second, I worry about non-coronavirus care. While the inpatient units remain busy with sick COVID-19 patients, our ER has been quiet for more than a week. We usually average 240 patients a day. For the last week, we averaged fewer than 100. That means our patients in this diverse, low-income community are afraid to come to the ER for non-COVID care.
Third, inordinate fear misguides the public response. While COVID-19 is serious, fear of it is being over-amplified. The public needs to understand that the vast majority of infected people do quite well.
Finally, COVID-19 is more prevalent than we think. Many New Yorkers already have the COVID-19 infection, whether they are aware of it or not. As of today, over 43 percent of those tested are positive in The Bronx. We are developing a significant degree of natural herd immunity. Distancing works, but I am skeptical that it is playing as predominant a role as many think.

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Emergency room doctors are pushing for the states to re-open, but governors are dragging their feet. That's because our political class isn't driven by science, as many of them claim. They're driven by re-election. They have no incentive to open their states unless We the People make doing so politically attractive.

That's what OpentheStates.com is all about. Even though some governors are paying lip service to re-opening, many of their plans are so restrictive that the process could take months. We need to maintain the pressure on our elected representatives, and OpentheStates.com lets you do just that.

Click the red button below to learn what the re-open groups are doing in your state, and don't forget to sign the petition asking your state and national leaders to get our country back on track.

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