North Carolina auto race dubs itself a "protest" to get around COVID restrictions

The organizers of an auto race in North Carolina understand how to take advantage of the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of our "leaders" in government.

The state's draconian lockdown orders do not allow gatherings of more than 25 -- unless, as we've seen over the last week, that gathering is a protest against police brutality or injustice.

So, that's exactly what speedway's management said their auto race was about.

The race drew a crowd of about 2,000, and speedway workers checked the temperatures of everyone who arrived, according to local media.

A sign from management outside the speedway said, “This Event is held in Peaceful Protest of Injustice and Inequality Everywhere.”

The local sheriff's office said it is "evaluating events."

The last few months have exposed "elites" for what they really are: power-hungry politicians with little regard for average, hardworking Americans.

We launched to give these everyday Americans a voice. North Carolinians shouldn't have to label their event a "protest" in order to hold it. They should be free to take the common-sense safety measures that work for their local community without having to worry about top-down dictates from their government.

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