National Review: "The lockdowns are now a scandal"

It's almost like the mainstream media is pretending that the COVID-19 lockdowns never happened.

With wall-to-wall coverage of police protests and rioting, the nation's journalists are dead-set on ignoring the lockdown scandal. Because as David Harsanyi writes for National Review, a scandal is exactly what the lockdowns have become.

At first, most Americans self-quarantined without being forced because, in large part, we’re a conscientious people and the argument for flattening the curve was a rational one. Soon, however, we were being told that wandering into the non-essential part of a local grocery store to buy vegetable seeds put every American life in mortal danger. Irrational and platitudinous arguments — “If we can save one life, we should!” — began making an appearance.
Next we were being forced to comply with the diktats of mayors and governors. No legislatures. No votes. No questions. Those who spoke up were stifled by social media or smeared by normal media as a death cult — even as virtually every prediction offered by alleged experts and journalists about the consequences of reopening turned out to be wrong. I’ve yet to hear a coherent explanation as to why a governor can act like a dictator over 100,000 deaths, but not 60,000 or 30,000 or 5,000?

Now the tide has turned, and the politicians and journalists who just last week condemned the anti-lockdown protests are encouraging protests against police brutality.

Both issues may be worthy of protest, but that's not the point. The point is that our "leaders" are arbitrarily deciding which causes are worthy of constitutional freedoms. Police brutality and tyranny are both threats to our body politic -- politicians shouldn't get to decide one is more important than the other.

As Harsanyi concludes:

Indeed, the same politicians who destroyed your business and livelihood — and the pundits and reporters who called you murderers for wanting to save it — are now making value judgments on when and where you should be allowed to practice your freedoms. By fiat, they decide who has rights based on skin color or ideology, and who is not worthy of them. It is a massive scandal.

The lockdown scandal must be brought to light. Many Americans in states like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California are still suffering under unconstitutional stay-at-home orders. The media wants to ignore these Americans, but we won't let that happen.

We're still working with reopen groups across the country to get Americans back to work. Business owners shouldn't be forced to go bankrupt while local leaders encourage massive gatherings. We won't rest until all Americans -- no matter their race or ideology -- are free to earn a living and exercise their constitutional rights.

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