MSNBC reporter scolds people for not wearing masks, but a passerby keeps him honest

The following was written by Convention of States Action President Mark Meckler and originally published on

I love this so much.  An MSNBC reporter was sent out to see just how many people at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin were wearing masks outside over Memorial Day weekend.  Gov. Tony Evers’ Safer-at-Home order was overturned by the Wisconsin Supreme Court earlier this month, which meant people were flocking from nearby Illinois which mandates public mask-wearing.

All around the MSNBC reporter, people were gathering without masks — swimming, tanning, jogging, and visiting restaurants, much to the consternation of reporter Cal Perry.  He was speculating about whether people there were just totally unconcerned with their safety as the camera panned around to take footage of pedestrians without masks.

One guy – who looked a little like Ted Danson – stops and corrects the record, telling viewers at home that MSNBC’s own cameraman, along with "half your crew," was not wearing a mask.

Perry sort of deflated, in a “you got me” shrug.

Love it.

The media and the politicians love to play by their own rules.  Kudos to the Ted Danson look alike for being willing to spill the beans!  Watch it below:

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