Mayor Bill De Blasio opens parks in rich neighborhoods while closing those in others

At this stage of the coronavirus pandemic, political expediency is the name of the game.

For many mayors of major cities, pro-business protests organized by political opponents are condemned while anti-racism protests organized by political allies are celebrated.

In New York, political expediency has made its way into playground policy.

New York State Sen. Simcha Felder has accused Mayor Bill de Blasio of allowing parks to open in wealthier neighborhoods occupied by his political allies while leaving others closed.

“It’s a tale of two cities,” Felder, a Democrat, told The Daily Wire. “Wealthier neighborhoods like Central Park and the east side of Manhattan, there’s certain playgrounds in certain neighborhoods, somehow the playgrounds and parks are open.”

“In other neighborhoods they’re closed,” Felder continued. “[De Blasio] is doing whatever he likes. He is catering to the people that support him most.”

Parks are important, Felder argues, because without them, parents don't have a safe place to allow their kids to play outside and exercise.

"Children across this city are outside playing, we cannot and will not stop that from happening. What we can do, is give them a safe space, a contained space, where parents can watch them and do their best as parents to keep them safe. Keeping these playgrounds chained while kids are playing in the streets, is unconscionable,” said Senator Felder.

De Blasio and his spokespeople are denying the charges, but the uneven re-opening is happening across the country. While some states, counties, and cities have opened for business, others remain locked down.

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