Mark Meckler on the Steve Deace Show: "We're withdrawing our consent for the lockdowns"

Updated: May 26, 2020

Today is #FreedomFriday.

What does that mean? As Mark Meckler explained to Steve Deace, it means that today we're withdrawing our consent for draconian, tyrannical, unconstitutional lockdown orders.

Want to get involved this #FreedomFriday? Here's what to do:

  1. Stand Up to unnecessary stay-at-home orders by going shopping or visiting friends. Do so safely, but get out of your home.

  2. Open Up your business if you're a small business owner. Again, do so safely, but get back to work.

  3. Show Up to support those small businesses who are risking retribution for opening their doors.

If you Stand Up, Open Up, or Show Up, we want to hear from you! Upload a 10-second video explaining what you've done and how you're fighting to preserve liberty and self-governance in our country.

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