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Mark Meckler announces #FreedomFriday on Daniel Horowitz's Conservative Review podcast

On Friday, the lockdowns end.

This weekend, we're celebrating those who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. The men and women of our armed forces took an oath to defend the Constitution, but that Constitution is being trampled and ignored by tyrannical mayors and governors.

The American people won't stand for it any longer. Mark Meckler appeared on Daniel Horowitz's Conservative Review podcast to announce that this Friday is #FreedomFriday.

"May 22 has been designated Freedom Friday," Mark said. "We are going to Stand Up, Open Up, and Show Up."

Here are your marching orders for this Friday.

  1. Stand Up to over-the-top stay at home orders by going out using common-sense safety measures.

  2. Open Up your business.

  3. Show Up to support you local businesses.

  4. Tell us your story! Click the button below to upload a video explaining how you plan to Stand Up, Open Up, or Show Up on May 22.

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