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Kids are going hungry. Rather than lift the lockdowns, politicians push for more food stamps.

The COVID-19 lockdowns are causing untold harm to American families, and a new report from the New York Times reveals just how heartbreaking -- and partisan -- this harm has become.

According to the Times reporting, the rise in food insecurity over the last few months is "without modern precedent."

  • Twenty percent of mothers with young children say that their kids aren't getting enough to eat, a figure three times as high as during the Great Recession.

  • Nearly 23 percent of households say they lack money to get enough food, compared with about 16 percent during the worst of the Great Recession.

  • Among households with of any age children, the share without enough food is nearly 35 percent, up from about 21 percent in the previous downturn.

The solution, according to some members of Congress, is more government intervention.

Congress has already added $600 a week to jobless benefits through July and raised food stamp benefits during the pandemic for about 60 percent of the caseload, at a cost of nearly $2 billion a month.

But for some, that's not enough. Rather than simply ending the overreaching lockdowns, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi want to expand the food stamp program without a clear indication of when (or if) those expansions would roll back.

“First of all, it’s a moral thing to do,” Pelosi said in an interview with MSNBC. “Second of all, the people need it. And third of all, it’s a stimulus to the economy.”

But other members of Congress remember what happened the last time federal aid programs were expanded during the Great Recession -- they never went away.

“The last time we did this, those changes were sold as being temporary — when unemployment improved, the rolls would revert back. That didn’t happen,” Representative K. Michael Conaway of Texas told the Times.

Politicians are trying to use this crisis to expand the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. Rather than addressing the real issue -- the forced shutdown of our economy -- they're focusing on achieving the political goals they couldn't pass before the pandemic.

But Americans see through these political games. They understand that the best way to solve this economic crisis is to open the states, relieve draconian lockdown measures, and get We the People back to work.

Millions have joined the re-open efforts in their states, and you can, too! Simply click the red button below to get plugged in to your local re-open group.

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