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In the News: Police arrest 3 people protesting closed beaches at SoCal beach set to reopen Monday

The following excerpt was originally published by USA Today.

SAN DIEGO – San Diego County police say three people protesting beach closures were arrested in Encinitas, California, on Saturday for violating health orders. The arrests occurred hours after the county announced plans to roll back beach restrictions and the city of Encinitas signaled its intention to reopen city beaches. 

Protester Crista Anne Curtis, of Encinitas' Cardiff-by-the-Sea community, said she was aware the beaches were scheduled to reopen, but disagreed with the restrictions planned during the phased reopening, such as prohibitions against sun bathing and face covering requirements.

“I’m either free or I’m not,” Curtis told USA TODAY on Saturday. Curtis was not one of the protesters who was arrested.

Curtis — who has attended previous protests, was at Saturday's protest and plans to protest again in the future — says the arrests and citations occurred after some protesters ventured off the sidewalk near the beach and into the beach's sand. Officials estimated dozens of protesters were in attendance.

“They’re saying the sand is closed ... they literally drew the line at the sand,” she said of the protest that occurred at Moonlight Beach.

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