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Idaho business owner describes the destruction of the COVID-19 response

Everyone understands that businesses are failing as a result of our nation's COVID-19 response. But unless you own a business or know someone who does, it can be difficult to imagine the devastation of the last few weeks. 

Michael Bethuy is a Convention of States volunteer and Idaho business owner, and he attended a protest in Boise last week to Open The State.

In the testimony below, Bethuy explains why he participated in a protest for the first time in his life -- and why it's so critical that we restore our way of life as quickly as possible.

I lived in NYC for 17 years and attended many rallies as an observer during that time. Protests at Union Square were almost a weekly occurrence. I was there during the WTC mosque protests in the aftermath of 9/11, too. But I never felt compelled to participate in one - until now. 
I am a small businessman and am witnessing the carnage our nation’s COVID-19 response is causing first hand. My business has suffered, yes, but I’m one of the luckier ones. Many in my circle of friends, family, clients, and vendors? Not so much.
Millions are watching businesses they’ve spent decades building being destroyed in realtime in front of their eyes. Millions more are losing their jobs, many unlikely to return. The promised government assistance is elusive - loans that most cannot get, unemployment lines with busy signals, etc. The situation grows worse by the hour.
Meanwhile, our leaders in government and media appear to have no plan whatsoever other than sowing panic. When will this end? What is our goal? How will we know when success has been achieved? Can we print money indefinitely?
If we are expected to cooperate with these destructive policies, then at the very least we deserve answers to very basic questions and a real discussion about the trade-offs we’re being asked to make. 

You can see why the Open The States movement is spreading like wildfire. Americans are struggling, and they aren't receiving the answers or the help they need from state and local governments. It's time to put the people back in charge, and you can get involved!

At OpenTheStates.com, you can find re-open groups in your state, petition the President, Congress, and state officials to re-open your state, and get in touch with your local leaders.

It's a clearinghouse for everything you need to get in the fight to re-open your state, and we're proud to join with grassroots Americans to restore our way of life. 

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