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Disgusting: Big-city reporter plays snitch patrol in rural Kansas

The following was written by Open Up Kansas volunteer David Schneider and originally published at openupks.com.

KWCH - Channel 12 sent a news reporter to rural Kansas to play snitch patrol on a business owner. The irony of the situation is this rural town has zero active COVID-19 cases, while Wichita, where this reporter originated, currently has a total of 441 diagnosed cases. That's right, the big city reporter doing her (essential) job, drives two hours into rural Kansas to drop a dime on a hair salon owner (non-essential) that might be conducting business in a safe manner.

Caroline Elliott is the reporter's name. Despite not talking to the salon owner or anyone else on the record, she filmed through the windows of the business. Elliott accused the owner of breaking Governor Kelly's Executive order in her report. Nobody from the community was willing to discuss the matter, but Elliott still went ahead with the story. What is known is that Elliott friended the salon owner on Facebook, and appears to a have used that to gather details about the owner that led to the allegations in her report.

A look at the online article from KWCH certainly gives an indication that Elliott might of been trying to recreate the drama that has unfolded in Dallas, TX. That case is mentioned in the KWCH article.

Why would this reporter drive so far when there was not a story? Did she know who she was filming? Perhaps a peek at Elliott's personal Facebook profile might shed some light on that:

Perhaps as a #stayhome activist, Elliott is looking to expose a liberty-loving Kansan and get her in trouble? One thing is for sure. Rural Kansas does not need big city diseases, values, or phased "plans" to survive. Rural Kansans look out for each other. KWCH would be better served reporting on actual news instead of trying to create it.

Elliott should take her own advise and stay home and try to make a living.

Here is the news piece from KWCH captured via kwch.com:

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