Democratic State Senator Fires Back at Gov. Northam's "Unconstitutional" COVID-19 Orders

The following was written by Convention of States Virginia volunteer Warren Wheeler.

On June 9 Virginia State Senator Chap Petersen (D – Fairfax City) filed several broadly constructed rebukes in federal and state courts against Governor Ralph Northam’s “plainly unconstitutional” COVID-19 executive orders. Senator Petersen is an attorney and filed the lawsuits on behalf of a business owner in Loudon County and another one in Fredericksburg. Petersen argues Northam’s COVID-19 orders exceed the Governor’s emergency powers as defined by Virginia law, impermissibly infringe on constitutionally-guaranteed rights (such as “due process”), and are being arbitrarily implemented. The senator takes Gov. Northam to task for not reconvening the General Assembly so that the COVID-19 response could be accomplished constitutionally through legislation, rather than by unconstitutional executive dictates. It is vitally important that Virginia voters—especially his constituents in Senate District 34—thank Senator Petersen for his courage to calling out the governor for shredding Virginians’ constitutional rights and protections from arbitrary government rule.

Please send Senator Petersen a letter (P.O. Box 1066, Fairfax, Virginia 22038), an email (, or just give him a call (703-349-3361). Better yet, do all three! Be sure to ask him to help us stop the same sort of government overreach performed in Washington daily, which the senator can do by backing our Convention of States effort in the Virginia General Assembly.

The future of America depends on We the People taking action to open up the country ourselves. Please join the movement by signing the Open the States Pledge at the red button below!

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