Constitutional attorney unfairly "fact checked" for asking questions about new COVID bill

President Donald Trump isn't the only public figure being "fact checked" by members of the mainstream media and Big Tech.

Yesterday, Michael Farris posted on his Facebook page that one of his previous posts had been dubbed "false" by USA Today and Facebook. Farris is the CEO and General Counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom and co-founder of the Convention of States Project.

The "fact-checkers" claimed that Farris had said a new COVID-19 bill (HR 6666) could allow law enforcement to forcibly remove people from their homes. There's just one problem: he never said anything like that.

"USA Today 'fact checkers' determined that it is false to say that contact tracers would forcibly remove people from their homes," Farris said. "The only problem is that I never said any such thing. Not only did I not write it, I did not say anything like that to my wife, nor did I think it. So no matter how invasive their technology is, their claims were utterly false."

Here's the original post:

And here is Farris' explanation:

Members of the media are doing everything in their power to maintain the lockdowns and help the government control the daily lives of American citizens. The new COVID bill is serious, as Farris explains, and the "fact checkers" de-legitimize his arguments by labeling them as "false."

We must continue to push back against the lockdowns until all Americans are free. Groups in every state are doing just that, and you can get involved by click the red button below!

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