Boston restaurant owner refuses to comply with lockdown: "I will not lose my business"

(Frank Mendoza, @frankiemendoza1129)

At the beginning of the pandemic, many restaurant owners were willing to shut down their business to protect public health. They understood that the shutdown would only last a few weeks, at which time they would be able to reopen their businesses and support their families.

That didn't happen, and it's left thousands of restaurant owners and employees on the brink of bankruptcy.

Frank Mendoza, co-owner of Monica’s Trattoria in Boston, won't comply with his city's lockdown orders any longer. He told that he's opening his restaurant at full capacity -- no matter what the bureaucrats say.

We closed down on March 21 because we were told by the City and the State that we had to. The first week we tried to do takeout, we didn’t do any [business]. The second week, we didn’t do any business. On the third week, we decided to stop doing takeout. They said it was only going to be three weeks that we had to close down. But then three weeks passed and things started getting unclear; there was no message, only rumors. Nobody was coming by. I sat here for three months and nobody, not one person from the City, has come by. I’m not going to spend money right now on getting new [safety] protection, because I don’t know when I’m going to open or what the rules are going to be. I’m so discouraged. I’m so disenfranchised. Between me and my three brothers, we have 11 kids that we have to take care of. We’re over here falling apart. We don’t know what to do, what direction to take. Me and my brother Patrick were just considering changing the whole place, making it a market or doing something different.

The city is set to enter Phase 2 of its reopening plan on June 8, but Mendoza says that isn't good enough.

I’m not asking for permission either. The mayor comes down and says, ‘We allowed the businesses to do takeaway.’ Oh, you allowed me? Where are these rules coming from? They wanted us to fill out an application to get a license to sell tomatoes, raw chicken, stuff like that. You know how many tomatoes I’d have to sell to pay my rent? They’re $2 a pound. No one’s buying tomatoes. I will not lose my business. This is my life.

If you're tired of unnecessary, tyrannical lockdown orders, you're not alone. Millions of Americans across the country are struggling to feed their families, and they won't abide by unconstitutional stay-at-home rules any more.

Reopen groups have sprung up in states across the country. While big tech has censored or removed these groups from their platforms, has provided a place for them to connect, discuss, and organize.

To learn more about the reopen groups in your state, click the red button below!

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