600 doctors urge President Trump to end the lockdown: "This is a mass casualty incident"

Each day the lockdown continues, more Americans die or become at risk of death. Not from coronavirus, but from simply staying at home.

That's what 600 doctors told president Trump in a letter sent on May 19, according to Fox News.

The lockdowns have become a "mass casualty incident" with "exponentially growing health consequences," the doctors say.

Missed health screenings mean cancer is going undetected. Missed dental visits mean patients aren't getting treated for conditions strongly related to heart disease and death. Stay-at-home orders are keeping people from seeking treatment for strokes and heart attacks, and children are suffering from abuse and neglect.

In all, the doctors estimate that 150,000 people per month are facing an immediate risk of death from preventable causes that would be treated and resolved under normal conditions. For perspective, in April, one of the worst months for COVID-19 in the U.S., about 57,000 people died of the virus. Since then, the rate has been steadily decreasing.

An additional "tens of millions of people" are at increased risk of substance abuse and family conflict and poverty, and millions of children have missed their routine checkups.

To illustrate their point, the doctors include stories from real patients, like "Patient R.T.,"

Patient R.T. is an elderly nursing home patient, who had a small stroke in early March but was expected to make a nearly complete recovery. Since the shutdown, he has had no physical or speech therapy, and no visitors. He has lost weight, and is deteriorating rather than making progress.

When people claim that the "medical community" agrees on the lockdowns, point them to this letter. Doctors -- especially family doctors -- understand the devastating health effects of staying at home.

That's why we launched OpentheStates.com, and it's why we're calling on all Americans to end the lockdowns on Friday, May 22 -- whether our "leaders" like it or not.

This Friday -- what we're calling #FreedomFriday -- Americans across the country are Standing Up to tyrannical lockdown orders, Opening Up their businesses (including doctor's offices), and Showing Up to support those businesses.

Politicians can't continue the lockdowns if the American people simply refuse to stay at home. It's time we took our country's future into our own hands. Click the button below to tell us how YOU plan to celebrate #FreedomFriday.

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